A House on Furmanny

Russia, 2010
dir. Andrey Silvestrov

In the late 1980s, a now infamous squat appeared on Moscow’s Furmanny Lane, which quickly became a gathering point for the most promising young artists of the time (Mukhomory, Vadim Zakharov, Yury Albert, and Andrey Filippov, among others) and just daring, high-spirited individuals. The inhabitants of “Furmanny” recall life in Moscow’s first squat and the opportunities created by this unique site. The film is screened for the first time in the UK.

Panel discussion with Alexandra Obukhova (Head of the Research Department, Garage Museum for Contemporary Art), filmmakers Andrey Silvestrov and Alexander Sheyn, and cultural critic Artemy Troitsky

Saturday 15 November 2014