Aleksey Fedorchenko

Aleksey Fedorchenko was born on 29 September 1966 in Sol-Iletsk, Orenburg Oblast, Russia. Having completed his education in engineering, he did not begin his career in film until 1990.

In 2004, he founded his own production company called “29 February Film Company”. Consequently, Fedorchenko completed his Masters degree in Scriptwriting . His debut feature “First on the Moon” (2004)  was a science-fiction mockumentary about a fictional Soviet landing on the Moon in 1938. The film received wide acclaim at Venice Film Festival where it was awarded the Venice Horizons Documentary Award. Since then, Fedorchenko has directed four feature films, The Angels of The Revolution being his latest.

Aleksey Fedorchenko is a member of the European Film Academy, as well as of Asia Pacific Screen Awards.