Callum Cooper

Callum Cooper is an artist and filmmaker, whose work covers a spectrum of the moving image from traditional, linear filmmaking to interactive technology-driven artworks.

Currently a fellow at MIT’s Open Documentary Lab and a 2017 Sundance Film Institute Artist Fellow, his work Vavilov’s Last Supper is a live, growing installation that starts with one of the world’s oldest seed banks, and journeys through the fascinating story of the Soviet botanist and geneticist Nikolai Vavilov. to Greater Manchester allotments (a local college), and into an open-source robotics community.

Nikolai Vavilov was a scientist who pioneered modern genetics, working with the leading figures of his time to cultivate crops that would grow in any environment and end world hunger. Accused of betraying the Stalinist regime, Vavilov died from starvation in a gulag. From his dismissed alerts about the impact of environmental change on food security during the Soviet era to those of our own times, this installation explores how politics, the arts and scientific progress are often uneasy collaborators whilst simultaneously facing equally uncertain fates