CEEL Film Review: “Ruben Brandt, Collector” (Krstic, 2018)

Péter Miskolsczi fell in love with the script for Ruben Brandt, Collector in 2012: ‘…it was so rich in many layers, so different from any other script in my previous life.’ The film’s creative force was director, Milorad Krstic a painter, graphic artist and photographer who’s created an original and highly entertaining animation film combining thriller, fantasy, film noir and action-adventure elements.

The fast-paced action kicks off in Paris in 2012 as cat burglar Mimi becomes mesmerised by Cleopatra’s fan, which she steals instead of the Regent Diamond. Classic car and boat chases leap out of the screen as she’s pursued by her furious crime boss as well as tenacious private detective Mike Kowlaski.  She seeks refuge with famed psychotherapist, Ruben Brandt, and joins his patient group of troubled thieves. The doctor has psychic trauma of his own and Brandt realises, ‘to possess your problems you have to conquer them’.  Aided and abetted by his patients, he’s forced to steal thirteen paintings from the world’s renowned museums and private collections to prevent his night terrors and hallucinations. Clues are left as to the real source of Brandt’s suffering as his success as a master criminal wreaks mayhem and fear in the artworld. Kowalski tracks down the truth in an unexpected denouement, which leaves him – and the audience – reeling.

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