One Day The Sadness Will End (2017)

At noon each day of The Return of Memory exhibition, both in the gallery and online, Declan Clarke and Sarah Perks will reveal a person, group, or a place they believe was betrayed by revolution. In this newly commissioned installation, the two artists researched over 70 different people or events in order to draw a picture of specific historical moments that attempted to break the waves of history. As the two artists conclude, the failures were often the fault of the revolutionary process as much as that of reactionary counter-momentum.

Starting from Manchester and branching ouwtwards from present day to historical figures and beyond, the collection of people and instances explores our understanding of revolution, our expectations of success and failure, and the precariousness of systems that claim to rule and control. With great change comes the act of change itself: revolutions invariably turn on themselves.

Declan Clarke is an artist and filmmaker whose most recent feature film There Are Many More Ways to Die Than to be Alive is currently in post-production. Sarah Perks is Artistic Director at HOMEmcr and a Professor of Visual Arts at Manchester School of Art, working beyond traditional notions of creativity, curatorial and production. The two artists first collaborated in the award-winning exhibition Anguish and Enthusiasm: What Do You Do With Your Revolution Once You’ve Got It, which questioned the commitment to an ongoing integration within the legacy of revolution.