Russia, 2016
dir. Daniil Zinchenko

Daniil Zinchenko’s debut feature is a work of contemporary art as much as cinema, and revolves around two central metaphors: the horizontal physical life, with its quest for happiness, love, and universal solidarity; and the celestial vertical, with its dream of resurrection and eternity. Inspired by Andrei Platonov’s writings, this contemporary fairy tale is a story of scientists, guerilla fighters, cosmonauts, government officials who roam around in a Motherland where each character represents a certain type, or a way of thinking.

In this parable about modern-day Russia, a scientist and his assistant are collecting the ingredients for an elixir. Their goal is to resurrect the dead. Meanwhile, officials search for a carpenter who has the power to transmute water into oil.

UK premiere
Screentalk with director

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Calvert 22