Film Season. Generations: Russian Cinema of Change


New East Cinema is delighted to announce ‘Generations: Russian Cinema of Change’,  our first film season in collaboration with Barbican Centre. 

“Between 26-30 September, Generations will bring together films charting periods of profound change across 20th century Russia. From 1930’s Stalinism to the dawn of the glasnost period in the 1980’s, our programme will showcase films that were once banned for their supposed ‘immoral’ and ‘anti-Soviet’ portrayals of a liberated, independent youth and which achieved immediate cult status by bringing the underground subcultures of the perestroika-era into the mainstream. One such film is Alexei Balabanov’s iconic ‘Brother.’

While documenting the changing face of Russia during the course of the last century, the films in Generations: Russian Cinema of Change also stand by the shared principle of defying authority, whether parental or state, and upholding the struggle for self-expression as a catalyst for wider change.”

Full programme coming soon.