Georgia/Russia/Poland, 2017
dir. Rezo Gigineishvili

From the creative team behind Academy Award-winning drama Ida (2013), Hostages is a moving story of youth and rebellion based on real events.

Soviet Georgia,1983. Preparations for Nika and Ana’s wedding are in full swing and it’s a big day for both of their elite families.For the newly weds and their friends, however, the celebrations are in fact part of a cover-up,as they plot an audacious escape from the Soviet Union.They plan to flee their claustrophobic daily lives, discover the free world and breakout from their parents’ stifling worldview. The day after the wedding, Nika and Ana decide to move forward with their riskiest plan yet: hijacking a local flight from Tbilisi to Batumi and forcing it to land in Turkey, the closest country to Georgia that isn’t part of the Eastern Block. But as the plane leaves the ground and the pressure quickly rises,nothing goes as planned for these amateur would-be hijackers.

Gigineshvili’s film is based on the real events surrounding a plane hijack in 1983 by a group of youths who attempted to flee the Soviet regime. In the day of the hijack, the flight does not go as planned, and overwhelmed by panic and fear, the young people take decisions that lead to tragic events. Since its establishment as Socialist Soviet Republic of Georgia, the state remained within the boundaries of the Soviet Union since its dawn in 1922 until the end of Perestroika in 1991. During the regime, the borders were closed, and travelling to non-Soviet countries, let alone the West, was severely restricted. Living in this oppressive regime where nothing but Soviet goods, culture and values was permitted, those young people saw a plane hijack as their only way to freedom, but instead led to their deaths. Whether they were heroes or terrorists is a question that still divides the nation.

UK premiere
Screentalk with Tim Robey and Rezo Gigineishvili

Tuesday 28 November 2017