How Viktor ‘The Garlic’ Took Alexey ‘The Stud’ to the Nursing Home

Russia, 2017
dir. Alexander Hant

In this compelling story, a man released from prison meets his son for the first time.

This charismatic prize-winning debut feature evokes the aesthetics of early Tarantino (Pulp Fiction) and Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting, as it takes us on a journey through a failed parenthood that hopelessly duplicates from one generation to another.

The Garlic‘ is an angry young man, tentatively reconciled with ‘The Stud’ – his long absent ex-convict father. Together they embark on a road journey which should bring a brighter future for both: nursing home for the older and inherited apartment for the younger. Dark as the most lovable lowlifes, this film manages to bring out the most important – humanity. It turns loathing into acceptance and the vicious circle of perennial misery to a possibility. The wicked charisma of this film shines through its characters – humble and funny, yet determined to change for better. Throbbing beats of Russian rap mixed with bright colours, canted angles, and deadpan humour create an ironic commentary and give a caustic snapshot of contemporary Russia.

UK premiere

Wednesday 28 March 2018



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