Night Accident

Kyrgyzstan, 2017
dir.Temirbek Birnazarov

A minimalist and poetic piece of slow cinema, Night Accident is a tale about an old man who finds love and purpose to live in a moment of complete despair.

Based on the book ‘The Old Man and the Angel’ by Kyrgyz writer and publicist Talip Ibragimov, Night Accident faithfully conveys Ibragimov’s distinct style. Rich in observations and metaphors reflecting on the local reality, the film immerses us into the daily routine of rural Kyrgyzstan. Having passed retirement age, economic instability forces Tenti to hard and undignified labour, accompanied by constant abuse from the old man’s boss.  After another tough day at work, he gets into a road accident, hitting a young woman with his car. After realising that she’s wounded, Tenti takes her home in order to nurse her. Unfolding themes of loneliness and alienation, the lonely old man falls in love with the strange and silent young woman. A masterpiece of pacing and revelation, Night Accident is a sad, charming and graceful portrait of two lonely hearts in an unexpected encounter.

Director’s statement: “Love reaches when you least expect. Many film directors talk about it in their work. Love always comes as a shock. In the beginning doubts and worries change your inner peace, they threaten your comfortable way of life, but we need love in our monotonous routines. We need it as the air we breathe. Love is changing us and we don’t understand how exactly it is happening. In my film i wanted to say that love doesn’t have age, doesn’t judge the persona, doesn’t differentiate – good or bad. Love becomes a driving force to, perhaps for the first time in your life,  follow your dream.”

UK premiere
Introduction by Birgit Beumers

Wednesday 25 April 2018


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