Rezo Gigineishvili

Rezo Gigineishvili was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1982. He currently lives and works between Georgia and Russia. While still studying at the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), Rezo worked as second unit director on Fedor Bondarchuk’s box office hits The 9th Company (2005) and The Inhabited Island (2007). Gigineishvili directed his feature debut Heat in 2006. With a budget of  $1.4M, the film grossed $ 15.7M internationally and is a leading box office film in the Russian market up until today. 

Rezo is a strong young talent in Russia and in the post-Soviet states. His consecutive films Love with Accent (012) and  its sequel Bez Granits (2015) were also commercially successful. Rezo Gigineishvili is an established director who is now transitioning into auteur cinema, focusing on his directorial signature and commitment to the public. With Hostages he is entering he is entering the arthouse domain, focusing on issues that concern him as an artist.